2013 Tennessee Loves Libraries

Hi Everyone!  The new year has crept up on me and 2012 was even busier than 2011!  I’ll be updating this and adding some new content soon.  Please note that Tennessee Library Legislation Day is February 19, 2013 and you can register at https://m360.tnla.org/ViewEvent.aspx?id=68903&instance=0  There is a wonderful schedule of events and it will be an excellent advocacy opportunity.tnloveslibraries 2013


“SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 738: A RESOLUTION recognizing the role of libraries in empowering the citizens of Tennessee.”

Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Resolution 738 recognizes National Library Week 2012 and acknowledges the impact of libraries across the State of Tennessee.