Your Stories


Are you a library user or librarian with a story to warm the heart about your library?  Has your library or librarian made a difference in your life?   Share it here.  Read stories here:

You can also share links to photographs and videos.  Share photos by uploading to the TLA Flicker site.  Tag photos with #tnlld13

.   If you need assistance email: Jeffie,

15 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. Sweet story about a TN library memory from a person living in Istanbul!

    Love this:
    “Within a year, I had read all the books in the children’s section. What had appeared limitless had fallen prey to my hunger to read. I asked if I could check out adult books and Mrs. Peters said that the entire library was mine.”


    Has a cute video of Maury the Mule getting a library card and filling out a postcard.

  3. Brenda Baker’s comments about Obion County Public Library.

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