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Hello all!
Those who know me know I’m always looking for ways to advocate for libraries, and that I believe library advocacy is 365 days a year. So, it’s no surprise that on the way to work this morning, I thought up an easy social media/bulletin board advocacy campaign centered around Thanksgiving, and using the hashtag, #LibraryGrateful

The idea is to:
1. Ask your community to give you quotes about why they are thankful for their library.
2. Post those quotes online or in house.

As you run the campaign, and get several quotes from patrons, invite your local government to participate as well. (sending them a link to your social media post, or a photo of your in-house bulletin board–with all the patron comments–would be the easiest way to clue them in on the campaign.)This allows county commissioners, city council, and various mayors an opportunity to, “look good” in front of the public by praising libraries. They also get the added benifit of having their name in front of the voters for free! (Next year is an election year for them.)

You can also invite your state reps and state senators to participate. They aren’t in session right now, so they have a little more availibility. They may like the idea for the same reason your local government will–getting their name out. This will also serve to strengthen your relationship with them prior to Library Legislative Day this spring.

For the campaign, I’ve created a poster for printing, social media posting, and email blasts. Feel free to use it as you choose.

There is also a drawing with a sample patron quote in Google drive that you may edit with with your own patron quotes. (…/1aWCQodP-nh9CYqBwi0wjPZXxSvx…/edit) You may want to copy it into your own Google drive as a new file.

Have fun, and for the record, I’m thankful for all the work YOU do in your community to make it a brighter, better, and more informed place to live.

Sharon Kay Edwards
Legislative Monitor, Tennessee Library Association

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