• Do a heart campaign and ask your patrons to write their names on construction paper hearts and put the hearts up in the library.  (Could be a fund raiser.)
  • At story time, ask children to do a heart craft and write postcards to give your legislators.
  • Put a bunch of candy hearts in a big jar and have a guessing contest.
  • Do a giant heart and have library patrons sign it for delivery to a legislator.

Comment and add some more ideas!

5 thoughts on “Ideas!

  1. “….You can participate by visiting Preston Medical Library and asking for a postcard to share your library story. Or, go online and say what Preston means to you.

    How else can you participate?

    February 6-10: Go to the library and receive a free custom-designed button so you can wear your love of Preston on your sleeve (or lapel). Supplies are limited!

    February 13-17: Go to the library and show them the button you picked up the previous week – or, wear a vintage button from a previous year – and you’ll receive another gift.”

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