Hot Spots Now Available for Rent at Blount County Public Library

Beginning Wednesday, April 22, HotSpot devices are available for rent at the Blount County Public Library.  

            The purpose of this program is to provide Internet access to areas that do not have it, to provide Internet access for residents who travel to other areas of the country, and to support schools so that each student can have Internet access.

            Rental costs are $2 per day in these time frames:   7 days (minimum) will cost $14.  

14 days will cost $28.  21 days (maximum) will cost $42.

For this innovative program, the HotSpots were purchased by the Blount County Friends of the Library. 

            In order to borrow a mobile hotspot from the library, a person must

·         Be an adult, aged 18 and older,·         Have a valid Blount County Public Library card with $0.00 fines,·         Be cleared of any Blount County Public Library collection agency fees,·         Have a valid Driver’s License or Identification Card (Passport or Armed Services),·         Be able to charge cost of rental on a credit card or debit card (no prepaid credit cards, cash or checks accepted),·         Agree to T-Mobile’s acceptable use policy which prohibits pirating, illegal downloads, viewing child pornography, etc.

In addition, the borrower is responsible for all materials associated with the library HotSpot and will pay for the loss or damage to the device/components.

      Lending Policy  Loan periods for the HotSpot will be 7 days, 14 days or 21 days.  Equipment must be returned to the location from which it was borrowed and returned to a library staff member (no book drop returns).  There will be a borrowing limit of one device per household.  HotSpot devices may only be used in the continental United States.  

      Lease Agreement   Each borrower will complete, and agree to the terms of, an Equipment Lease Agreement.


            Open to the public, the program is sponsored by the Blount County Public Library, located at 508 N. Cusick Street, Maryville, where services are an example of your tax dollars at work for you. 

            For further information about library programs or services, call the library at 982-0981 or visit the Web site at . To sign up to receive a monthly calendar by email, go to the library’s Home Page, click on the “News and Events” tab, and then “Calendar of Events Signup” and type in your email address. Also check out Facebook at “Blount County Public Library” and Twitter at “Blount_Library”.


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